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About Us

“Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it…” - Nicki Hilton

About Us

Ziias is a high-end and exclusive brand founded on a passion for fashion and a high demand for quality. We love beautiful, clothes and have a huge appreciation of the luxury and high-quality fabrics such as silk, light and gentle on every woman’s skin.

We take a huge pride and importance of manufacturing our products exclusively in Europe. We work with innovative and advanced processes that are environmentally friendly. We visit our production site regularly and we are in a constant dialogue with the tailoring department. Our fabrics are processed in a very efficient way to generate a minimum waste during the manufacturing process. This is only possible with special sewing machines programmed to cut the fabrics in most efficient way.

We aim to design and create new collections that offer our customers the best service quality and a high standard of luxury.

Our vision

We do not design mass-produced goods to avoid waste creation often caused by overproduction. Each piece of clothing is limited and therefore unique. We specialize in using natural materials, working predominantly with 100% silk.

Our designs are characterised by luxury fabrics that are sustainable, therefore we accept the higher production costs to maintain this level of quality.

Ziias stands for innovative designs, luxurious materials sourced from Italy and a high quality. All of which make Ziias clothes a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

Our goal

We aim to offer a modern, nifty, day to night wardrobe for modern women with our goal of creating a new informal form of beauty.

The Founder

Katharina Dieckell

Oliver Lange


Our products are designed in
Switzerland and100% manufactured in Europe by innovative, highly equipted tailors.


Quality of our products is the most important to us, therefore we select every fabric personally and we stay involved in the production process. Our fabrics come directly from Italy.


We do not design mass-produced goods. Each piece of clothing is limited and therefore unique.

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